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Transmission Service & Replacement

Transmission Service in Monroe, NC

Power Means Nothing Without Control

hand of a car mechanic workingWhen you’re driving and steering, do you feel that your car shifts too soon or too late? Do you notice if your car jerks when shifting from park mode? Do you sense any weird smells or leaks? If so, your transmission may need immediate attention.

Anointed Auto Shop offers a computerized diagnostic and free estimate.

From manual to automatic transmission repair, Anointed Auto Shop in Monroe, North Carolina can fix any problem. Our certified auto experts can diagnose the situation and help you understand the condition and repair needs of your vehicle. And then, you can leave the troubleshooting to us!

Our Transmission Service & Replacement includes:

  • Computerized diagnosis
  • External diagnosis
  • Performance transmissions
  • Automatic transmission diagnosis and repair
  • Manual transmission diagnosis and repair
  • Four-wheel drive transmission diagnosis and repair
  • Transfer case
  • Gear box diagnosis and repair
  • Complete transmission overhaul and replacement
  • Remanufactured automatic transmissions
  • Transmission replacement
  • Transmission cooler

If you have a problem with your vehicle’s transmission system, leave it to the experts. Call Anointed Auto Shop at 704-635-7710.