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Telltale Signs Indicating a Need for Engine Repairs

Owning a car comes with great perks. However, it also entails relevant responsibilities. If you’ve racked up a few hundred thousand miles on the odometer, you’ll likely experience some car trouble. Depending on the damage, your car might need a simple engine repair or an engine rebuild. We at Anointed Auto Shop will share some … Continue reading

The Benefits of a Well-Conditioned Car Engine

A properly conditioned car engine means smooth rides, more money saved, and improved safety. You can also head to work, school, or go on a road trip without worrying about your vehicle breaking down. Anointed Auto Shop is an auto repair shop in Monroe, North Carolina that can maintain or repair your car engines in … Continue reading

Choosing the Right Engine Service Provider

Engines are the heart of your vehicle, and without them, your ride is pretty much just a beautiful tin can on display. Sometimes you don’t really know something is wrong with your car’s engine until it’s too late and you’re about to be stranded on the road; other times, if you’re lucky enough, you notice … Continue reading

5 Signs Your Car Needs to Get into Repair Services ASAP

What seems to be the problem with your vehicle? You should definitely have it looked at by a professional mechanic if: It keeps stalling. A stuttering vehicle is not only frustrating and stressful to deal with, but it has the capacity to affect your performance at work or school too. The issue may lie with … Continue reading

When to Service Your Transmission?

Transmissions are a crucial component of every vehicle. They are used to transfer the power of the engine to your wheels. For this reason, if your transmission is not properly serviced or maintained, it can prevent your vehicle from running properly. Fortunately, transmissions do not require as much servicing as engines but it is still … Continue reading