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Telltale Signs Indicating a Need for Engine Repairs

Owning a car comes with great perks. However, it also entails relevant responsibilities. If you’ve racked up a few hundred thousand miles on the odometer, you’ll likely experience some car trouble. Depending on the damage, your car might need a simple engine repair or an engine rebuild. We at Anointed Auto Shop will share some … Continue reading

The Benefits of a Well-Conditioned Car Engine

A properly conditioned car engine means smooth rides, more money saved, and improved safety. You can also head to work, school, or go on a road trip without worrying about your vehicle breaking down. Anointed Auto Shop is an auto repair shop in Monroe, North Carolina that can maintain or repair your car engines in … Continue reading

Choosing the Right Engine Service Provider

Engines are the heart of your vehicle, and without them, your ride is pretty much just a beautiful tin can on display. Sometimes you don’t really know something is wrong with your car’s engine until it’s too late and you’re about to be stranded on the road; other times, if you’re lucky enough, you notice … Continue reading

5 Signs Your Car Needs to Get into Repair Services ASAP

What seems to be the problem with your vehicle? You should definitely have it looked at by a professional mechanic if: It keeps stalling. A stuttering vehicle is not only frustrating and stressful to deal with, but it has the capacity to affect your performance at work or school too. The issue may lie with … Continue reading