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When to Service Your Transmission?

When to Service Your Transmission?

Transmissions are a crucial component of every vehicle. They are used to transfer the power of the engine to your wheels. For this reason, if your transmission is not properly serviced or maintained, it can prevent your vehicle from running properly. Fortunately, transmissions do not require as much servicing as engines but it is still important nonetheless. Here are a few common issues that many transmissions go through.

  • Grinding

    If you are driving a manual or even an automatic transmission and you feel it grinding or if it is not shifting as smoothly as it should, then it is time to change out the transmission fluid. This is similar to changing the oil in your engine. This fluid keeps the gears lubricated and shifting properly. You do not have to change this as often as oil but you should replace it every 30,000 to 60,000 miles depending on the vehicle and type of transmission you have.

  • Slipping Clutch

    If you are driving a manual vehicle and you notice that the engine’s RPM’s are increasing faster than you are accelerating, then this is a sign that the clutch in your transmission is slipping. This means it is not transferring all of the engine’s power to the wheels. Eventually, you may not even get the vehicle into gear or get it to move under its own power. Clutches are a crucial component to every manual vehicle and they should be replaced every 50,000 to 170,000 miles. This depends heavily on the type of clutch you are using and how you drive. A good auto repair shop in Monroe, North Carolina can solve this issue for you without a problem.

  • Unable to Get Into Gear or Hard to Get Into Gear

    If your vehicle is unable to shift into certain gears or if it is hard to get it into gear, then this is a definite sign that something is wrong with your transmission. Taking it to your local transmission repair shop in North Carolina will ensure that the problem is troubleshot properly and solved. Having it properly troubleshot is crucial because there are many factors that could cause this issue, such as damaged gearing – if this issue is not addressed in time, it could add to safety risks while your car is on the road.

Keeping your transmission in great condition will ensure that your vehicle is able to operate as it should. However, you should also pay attention to your engine and this is something that Anointed Auto Shop can do for you through its reliable engine repair shop in North Carolina. Do not wait until your car breaks down! Give us a visit and let us check out your vehicle to ensure that it is good to go for many more miles.

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